2024 gin festival taipei

2024 Gin Festival: A Cross-Border Taste Journey

From June 1st to June 2nd, the Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei hosted the annual gin extravaganza – the third Taipei Gin Festival! With over 100 gin brands and dozens of top bartenders from around the world, this largest gin exhibition in Asia has become a paradise for gin enthusiasts.

In recent years, gin has rapidly gained popularity in Taiwan, becoming a favorite at gatherings and parties. Gin's distinctive juniper and herbal flavors add infinite possibilities to cocktails. At this year's Gin Festival Taipei, major brands showcased their latest products, allowing participants to taste unique gins from all over the world in one go.

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Top bartenders from Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, India, and Indonesia demonstrated their professional mixing skills and unique charms on-site, enabling the audience to enjoy well-balanced cocktails without leaving the country.

Besides tasting gin, the event featured masterclass lectures where gin experts shared their knowledge and insights, providing attendees with a deeper understanding of gin's production and flavor presentation.

The festival also included 30 specialty food stalls by the lifestyle brand “NOT AT HOME" Participants enjoyed a variety of delicacies while savoring the gin, making it a true delight. From exquisite snacks to hearty main dishes, every bite perfectly paired with the gin, making everyone's taste buds dance.



This gin festival was curated by Taiwan's three gin connoisseurs: "Sidebar owner So So," "Gin Bar founder Perry," and "Commons owner Jaffee." Their passion and expertise filled the event with joy and surprise, making everyone feel their love for gin.


At the 2024 Taipei Gin Festival, Taiwan's top bartenders gathered to showcase the industry's unity and strength through various creative cocktails. This event became a platform for exchange and learning, allowing local bartenders to display their skills and innovation. Meanwhile, internationally renowned bartenders from Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, India, and Indonesia also joined, bringing a visual and taste feast to the audience. Participants enjoyed these masters' masterpieces and experienced unique gin flavors from different countries without traveling abroad. The venue was packed with people, whether tasting gin or watching performances, everyone was immersed in this cocktail culture celebration, fully demonstrating the popularity and passion for gin in Taiwan.


"Please drink responsibly. Not for sale to minors."

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