Pop Corner: Shanghai's Retro-Themed Pet-Friendly Bar

Pop Corner: Shanghai's Retro-Themed Pet-Friendly Bar

Located at 35 Shaoxing Rd in Shanghai's Xuhui District, Pop Corner is a unique establishment that seamlessly transforms from a cozy café by day to an innovative cocktail bar by night. This multifunctional design not only caters to coffee lovers but also attracts cocktail enthusiasts, offering an ideal place for all types of patrons.

The Creative Minds: Big Head and Lucky

Pop Corner is helmed by two experienced mixologists, Big Head and Lucky. Both have earned impressive accolades in various international cocktail competitions, showcasing their exceptional skills and boundless creativity. Their expertise in both classic cocktails and innovative creations sets Pop Corner apart in Shanghai’s bar scene. They blend keen taste perception with clever flavor combinations in every drink.

The Perfect Blend of Innovation and Tradition

Pop Corner is renowned for its creativity and playfulness, offering a unique cocktail menu that incorporates the complete dining experience, including appetizers, main courses, and desserts in the form of cocktails. Each cocktail is not just a drink, but a dual experience of taste and culture. By creatively reimagining classic cocktails, Pop Corner blends fresh fruits and vegetables, local rice wine, glutinous rice tea, and many homemade flavored ingredients, fully showcasing the local cultural characteristics.

For instance, the Liquid Sushi, an appetizer cocktail, uses kelp-flavored shochu combined with glutinous rice tea and topped with vanilla soda to create an appetizing starter. This cocktail not only mimics the refreshing and slightly salty taste of sushi but also provides a unique experience through its innovative formula and presentation. Each sip feels like savoring a delicate piece of sushi but in a liquid form, offering an unexpected delight.

Another brilliant creation is the Hawaiian Hamburglar, a main course cocktail. This drink captures the essence of a burger's richness by infusing gin with bacon, then adding avocado tequila, bell peppers, and mango. It conjures the tropical feel of enjoying a Hawaiian treat. Every sip is layered with flavors, from the savory aroma of bacon to the creamy smoothness of avocado and the sweetness of mango, making you feel as if you're lounging on a Hawaiian beach, basking in the sun and savoring delicious food.

For the dessert section, there's Afternoon Tea in Lion City , which brings together famous Singaporean flavors like kaya, pandan sugar, and Nyonya kueh. This cocktail uses the sweetness of kaya as its base, mixed with the unique taste of pandan sugar and the rich texture of Nyonya kueh, offering a drink that's as sweet and comforting as enjoying afternoon tea in Singapore. Each sip transports you to the vibrant and colorful streets of Singapore, evoking a strong sense of exotic charm.

Retro Ballroom Design and Cozy Atmosphere

Pop Corner’s design concept revolves around a ballroom theme, featuring numerous retro elements. Upon entering, you are greeted with a nostalgic ambiance, with old photos and Chinese fabrics adorning the walls, evoking memories of bygone days. The front hall serves as a café offering various coffees and pastries; a hidden bar area lies behind a mirror in the back hall, combining traditional Chinese style with a unique touch.

Pet-Friendly Bar

Pop Corner is not only friendly to humans but also to animals. The staff here are passionate animal lovers, and the bar welcomes patrons to bring their pets along. This pet-friendly policy makes Pop Corner an ideal spot for pet owners to enjoy a drink without leaving their furry friends at home.

Delicious Cuisine

In addition to its impressive cocktails, Pop Corner’s cuisine is also worth mentioning. The kitchen offers a monthly rotating menu of local bar snacks, many of which are home-style recipes from the team members. Dishes include Fujian sandwiches, braised pork rice, chicken mushroom soup, and Shanghainese dumplings, making you feel as though you’re enjoying a comforting home-cooked meal.

Pop Corner is a pet-friendly bar full of creativity and warmth, offering innovative cocktails and delicious cuisine in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a creative cocktail or a comforting meal, Pop Corner is the perfect choice in Shanghai.

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