In 2024, the 32nd HOTELEX Shanghai, an international hospitality and catering expo, was grandly held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. Spanning 400,000 square meters of exhibition space across 15 halls, it successfully attracted exhibitors and professional attendees from around the globe, making it a not-to-be-missed event for industry insiders. Themed "Restarting the Industry for New Opportunities," the expo showcased the latest trends and directions in the catering and hospitality sectors.

A significant focus of the event was the rapid growth of the coffee and tea industry, featuring an in-depth display of raw materials, equipment, and technologies. The expo covered a broad range of categories, from cooking equipment, beverage-making ingredients, tableware, and fresh ingredients to baking and ice cream-related equipment and materials, presenting a comprehensive view of the industry's diverse needs.

A specially designated area for pre-made dishes highlighted the importance of pre-prepared semi-finished and finished products in reducing operational costs and enhancing food safety for catering businesses, pointing to a new trend in industry development. Beyond showcasing the latest products and technologies, HOTELEX Shanghai offered analyses of market trends and development strategies, providing a holistic perspective and in-depth insights for the industry.

Highlights of the expo included the 2024 HOTELEX Shanghai International Coffee Food Culture Festival and Shanghai International Wine and Food Culture Festival, which displayed over 300 brands, including coffee, chocolate, ice cream, and alcohol, offering a rich cultural lifestyle experience. Additionally, the hosting of an international cocktail mixology competition showcased the exquisite skills of mixologists, perfectly concluding the event.

A distinctive feature of this edition was the in-depth exploration of cocktail industry trends, especially the popularity of premixes, ready-to-drink (RTD), and tap cocktails. This not only attracted keen interest from industry professionals but also led the way in industry direction, seeking numerous suitable raw materials for premix preparations and stable flavor ingredients. Comprehensive hardware equipment that can provide stable and efficient production capacity for bars was also a focal point.

In summary, the 2024 HOTELEX Shanghai International Hospitality and Catering Expo presented the latest dynamics and innovative technologies in the catering and hotel industry, especially in cocktail development trends. It served as a deep platform for industry communication and learning, opening up endless business opportunities and innovative thinking for participants and further driving the innovation and development of the catering and hotel industries.

Exhibition Range:

Coffee Equipment and Accessories | Coffee Brewing Devices and Accessories | Coffee Raw Materials and Supplies | Tea Raw Materials and Finished Products | Tea Tools and Crafts | Tea Equipment and Technology

Beverage Ingredients: Syrups, Purees, Jams | Concentrated Juice | Dairy Products | Other Beverage Making Ingredients Beverage Equipment: Fructose Machines | Sealing Machines | Hot Water Dispensers | Beverage Vending Machines | Other Beverage Equipment Industrial Beverages and Equipment: Soft Drinks | Functional Beverages | Premium Drinking and Bottled Water | Industrial Beverage Equipment

Comprehensive Cooking Equipment | Washing and Sanitizing Equipment | Refrigeration Equipment | Kitchen Environmental Equipment | Central Kitchen Equipment | Kitchen Auxiliary Equipment and Supplies | Kitchen Food Processing Machinery | Kitchen Equipment Manufacturing and Processing Machinery | Cold Chain Logistics and Distribution

Tableware and Utensils: Ceramic Tableware | Glass and Crystal Utensils | Stainless Steel Tableware | Silver and Gold Utensils | Melamine Tableware | Bamboo and Wooden Tableware | Plastic, Acrylic Tableware | Comprehensive Material Tableware | Tabletop Accessories | Tablecloths | Dining Tables and Chairs | Counters | Tableware Art | Buffet Equipment and Supplies | Buffet Stoves, Counters, Racks | Insulation Equipment | Buffet Decoration Items

Fresh Meat and Poultry | Grains and Cereals | Seafood Products | Oils and Oil Products | Soy Products | Hot Pot Ingredients | Fruit and Vegetable Products | Seasonings | Frozen Foods | Pre-made Products | Other Ingredients

Dairy Products | Snack Foods | Convenience Foods | Canned Foods | Organic and Functional Foods | Halal Foods | Other Foods

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