birdy cocktail shaker

Unlocking the Artistry of Mixology: Where Technology Meets Elegance

In mixology, precision and style collide with Birdy by Erik Lorincz bar tools. These exquisite creations seamlessly merge proprietary technology and cutting-edge design, setting a new standard for cocktail craftsmanship. With a foundation rooted in automotive precision, Birdy is reshaping how we craft cocktails, enhancing efficiency and elegance in every pour.

The Evolution of Birdy: Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

Erik Lorincz, a bartending luminary and former head bartender at London's prestigious Savoy Hotel's American Bar, stumbled upon the Birdy Cocktail Shaker in March 2014. Trained in the artistry of Japan's renowned bar culture, Erik instantly fell in love with this exceptional bar tool. Today, in a close partnership with Birdy, Erik has expanded the lineup to include a double tin, bar spoons, a jigger, and strainers, all meticulously crafted to delight the eye and provide unparalleled functionality.

The Pinnacle of Polishing Technology

Precision Redefined: Starting at 0.1 Microns

Birdy's commitment to perfection draws on decades of experience crafting precision parts for the automotive industry. Each Birdy Shaker and Mixing Tin undergoes a meticulous hand-polishing process, refining them to within an astonishing 0.2 microns by the skilled hands of craftsmen. This precision pays off, as Birdy's tools enhance the cocktail experience.

The Patented Ideal Smoothness

birdy shaker-The Patented Ideal Smoothness

Ice Perfection: A Bartender's Dream

The secret to Birdy's superiority lies in its ability to gently shave ice, creating an abundance of tiny air bubbles that elevate the flavor profile of your cocktails. The vertical grain on the Cocktail Shaker collaborates with its rounded shoulders to increase ice velocity while minimizing any damage that can dilute your drinks. The Mixing Tin, polished to perfection with a horizontal grain, facilitates stirring and chilling, resulting in faster and smoother drinks. This heightened efficiency ensures that the same energy input yields a superior blended cocktail enriched with aeration that enhances mouthfeel and overall satisfaction.

Crafting Flavor, One Shake at a Time

Vertical Grain for Enhanced Power

birdy shaker-Vertical grain to tailor your shake

Traditionally, shakers are machine-polished horizontally, but Birdy's 3-piece Shaker takes a unique approach. It boasts a vertical polished grain that aligns with the liquid's trajectory, creating kinetic energy that empowers your shaking technique, making it more potent and effective.

Stress-Free Shaking

birdy shaker-Rounded form for the perfect shake

Unlike conventional 3-piece shakers that impose unnecessary stress on ice and ingredients, Birdy's design showcases a smooth, rounded form that optimizes efficiency. This innovation results in better-blended drinks that taste as good as they look.

A Smoothness Beyond Compare

Birdy shaker-Optimum smoothness

The culmination of expertise lies in Birdy's 10-step micro-polishing process, performed by skilled craftsmen. With an astounding precision of 0.2 microns, this impeccable smoothness generates an abundance of minute air bubbles, enriching your drinks with improved flavor and texture.

Birdy bar tools have redefined mixology by integrating technology and intelligent design into every aspect of their creation. With a focus on precision, efficiency, and flavor enhancement, Birdy equips bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts with the tools needed to elevate their craft to new heights. Whether you're a professional bartender or a home mixologist, Birdy's innovative approach promises a delightful and unforgettable cocktail experience, one shake at a time.



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