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BAR Guest Shift- Evening of Elegance: BAR PINE Hosts USE Bar with Naked Malt

On a sweltering summer day in May, Taipei's Bar Pine hosted an unforgettable guest bartending night featuring the USE Bar team from Hanoi, Vietnam. This event showcased their warm hospitality and USE Bar’s exclusive creative cocktails, primarily crafted with Naked Malt whisky. For the occasion, USE Bar offered three distinctive cocktails: "Gummy Yummy," "Good Old Days," and "Tropical Old-Fashioned," each presenting a unique blend of flavors.

bar guest shift-bar pine x use

Gummy Yummy

  • Ingredients: Naked Malt / Clarified Guava & Watermelon Soda / Grapefruit Gummy Bear
  • Taste Note: This "Gummy Yummy" cocktail not only offers a refreshing sensation but also perfectly combines the fruit aromas of clarified guava and watermelon with the body of Naked Malt. The clarification process enhances the clarity and crispness of the juices, complemented by grapefruit gummy bears, enriching the overall flavor layers, making it an ideal choice for a summer refreshment.

Good Old Days

  • Ingredients: Naked Malt / Passionfruit / Lemon / Shiso / Sesame Oil / Tonic Splash / Deep Fried Rice Paper
  • Taste Note: An exceptionally creative cocktail, the "Good Old Days" features a unique umami flavor from shiso leaves, which, when combined with the rich fruitiness of passionfruit and Naked Malt, creates an unexpected harmony. Additionally, the deep-fried rice paper covered with savory mushrooms adds extra texture and flavor, making this cocktail a delightful sensory exploration.

Tropical Old Fashioned

  • Ingredients: Naked Malt / USE Coconut Liqueur / Dehydrated Pineapple / Chocolate Bitters / Chococonut
  • Taste Note: This reinterpreted classic cocktail incorporates tropical flair. The homemade USE coconut liqueur and pineapple elements introduce a unique tropical fruit flavor, while the bittersweetness of chocolate and the sweetness of coconut perfectly balance the robust flavor of Naked Malt; the addition of chocolate marshmallows adds a subtly sweet and enjoyable sensation in the mouth.

Bar Pine, located in Taipei's Da’an district, is a stylishly designed modern bar created by artists and designers. It combines natural materials and exquisite lighting to create a comfortable and elegant drinking space. Bar Pine not only values visual aesthetics but also focuses on the taste experience, offering innovative cocktails made from local ingredients.

USE Bar in Hanoi, Vietnam, is a modern bar known for its focus on sustainability and its decor that blends art and comfort with unique seating and captivating lighting designs. Renowned for its innovative cocktails made from local and exotic ingredients, USE Bar is not just a place to taste cocktails but also an ideal venue to enjoy an artistic ambiance.

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"Naked Malt" whisky is renowned for its distinctive bottle design and exquisite distilling craftsmanship. The transparent bottle showcases the amber-colored liquid, allowing connoisseurs to appreciate the beauty of the whisky. The name "Naked" aptly reflects its transcendent style. Master Blender Diane Stuart selects top-quality single malt whiskies for blending, aged in first-fill Oloroso sherry casks for six months using a double maturation technique, imparting a smooth flavor of candied and dried fruits to the whisky.

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