Exploring Nanjing West Road in the Heart of Bustling Shanghai

Culinary Delights & Couture Dreams: The Ultimate Guide to Nanjing West Road

In the bustling heart of Shanghai, Nanjing West Road showcases its unique charm, becoming a paradise for boutique enthusiasts. The street is packed with shopping malls, food streets, and cocktail bars, offering a comprehensive leisure and entertainment environment.

Zhang yuan, retaining the traditional Shikumen architectural style, has now become a gathering place for numerous trendy brands, making it an ideal spot for shopping and leisurely strolls. Additionally, it houses the world's largest Starbucks Reserve Roastery, providing a must-visit destination for coffee aficionados. For food lovers, the local delicacies and exquisite cocktail bars are not to be missed.

Nearby Shaanxi North Road gathers many of Shanghai's historical buildings, making Nanjing West Road not only a paradise for shopping and dining but also an excellent place to explore Shanghai's historical and cultural heritage.


Zhang Yuan

With over 140 years of history, Zhang yuan is one of Shanghai's largest, most completely preserved, and architecturally diverse Shikumen building complexes. It once served as a public park for Shanghai citizens, witnessing many "firsts," such as the first electric light and the first movie. By the end of 2022, Zhang yuan completed its first phase of renovation and opened to the public, marking the beginning of urban renewal. Its history reflects urban changes, from a private garden to a public amusement park, and now to an urban renewal project. Through protective renovation, Zhang yuan has been revitalized, integrating modern needs with historical heritage, with many international luxury brands moving in to offer a unique cultural experience space, continuing to carry and inherit the modernity and charm of old Shanghai.

Adjacent Fengsheng Li, retaining the characteristic architecture of Shikumen lanes, also known as Zhang yuan Phase I, has welcomed many cafes and dining bars, becoming a new Jing'an hot spot for many Shanghainese.

Shanghai Starbucks Reserve Roastery 

The largest Starbucks Reserve Roastery in the world and the first in Asia, it showcases a perfect blend of innovative technology and traditional craftsmanship. The roastery offers nearly 60 unique and innovative drinks and more than 10 selected alcohols, including niche wines and Starbucks coffee bean-extracted craft beers, sells exclusive Starbucks products, and features the Mixato cocktail bar. With Reserve coffee and Teavana as bases, traditional cocktails are reinvented with a modern twist, offering a rich and diverse full sensory experience.

Shaanxi North Road Historical Buildings

Exploring Nanjing West Road in the Heart of Bustling Shanghai

Shaanxi North Road, adjacent to Nanjing West Road, is a street witnessing Shanghai's historical changes, with several historically significant buildings. The Song family's old mansion, a Spanish-style villa, was once the residence of the Song sisters and their mother, witnessing many important historical moments. The Rong Zongjing Mansion (Rong's House), built in 1918 with an eclectic style, is considered one of the most elegant Western-style houses in Shanghai, once the residence of the "Flour King" Rong Zongjing. Huaye Apartment, completed in 1934, is not only rare in old Shanghai for not being planned and designed by foreigners but also the former residence of several literary and artistic figures. These historic buildings are not only showcases of architectural art but also carry rich historical and cultural stories, serving as an important window to understand Shanghai's history.

Wujiang Road Food Court

Exploring Nanjing West Road in the Heart of Bustling Shanghai

Located near the exit of Nanjing West Road Station on Shanghai Metro Line 2 and running parallel to Nanjing West Road, it spans about 200 meters and has a history of over 80 years. This once most popular food street for the general public has gathered various Shanghai local snacks and specialty foods since the 1930s, becoming a major highlight in the city center. Not only does it attract a large number of office workers at lunchtime, but it also becomes exceptionally lively at night, with crowds of people and the aroma of food filling the air. Wujiang Road is Shanghai's only food street with a two-level pedestrian design, offering a unique shopping and dining experience. Over time, it has continuously attracted tourists and foodies to explore, interacting perfectly with the surrounding commercial spaces like Fengsheng Li, Zhangyuan area, and Xingye Taikoo Hui, injecting new vitality and possibilities into the Nanjing West Road business district.

High-End Shopping Malls

Exploring Nanjing West Road in the Heart of Bustling Shanghai

Nanjing West Road gathers multiple high-end shopping malls, showcasing both international and local fashion brands, becoming a symbol of fashion and luxury shopping in Shanghai. Plaza 66, as one of the frontrunners, designed by world-class architects, has been rated as one of Shanghai's best shopping centers. The street's neon-lit night scene re-presents its past prosperity, turning it into a high-end commercial center that combines shopping, dining, and entertainment.

LAOJISHI (HKRI Taikoo Hui Store)

Exploring Nanjing West Road in the Heart of Bustling Shanghai

The restaurant's signature dish, drunken crab, leaves a memorable impression on first-timers, with its rich wine aroma pleasing even those who don't drink alcohol. The crab roe tofu rice is deliciously rich, while the scallion baked fish head and scallion oil mixed noodles are also signature dishes, with the former offering a strong scallion aroma and tender fish meat; the latter, though simple, is very flavorful, with the scallion oil's aroma lingering. Crab roe stir-fried vermicelli and Shanghai-style stir-fried eel are also worth trying, with the former perfectly balancing crab roe and meat, and the latter featuring a rich garlic and scallion flavor. The sweet and sour pork ribs with sesame and wine-flavored pea shoots also showcase the unique style of authentic Shanghai cuisine.

Upper House Hot Pot(Nanhui Road)

Exploring Nanjing West Road in the Heart of Bustling Shanghai

A high-end hot pot restaurant with a unique Hong Kong style, attracting many foodies with its distinctive environment and exquisite dishes. The restaurant's decor is retro and elegant, with clean and graceful interiors. The setting of pink "Xi" character tablecloths makes one feel as if they're in a Hong Kong tea house from memory. The restaurant's location on the second floor adds an elegant and secluded charm. Its signature fish maw chicken soup, praised for its extreme deliciousness and tender, bouncy fish maw, has won unanimous acclaim from diners. The specially made seafood soy sauce mixed with various seasonings creates a dipping sauce with depth; the restaurant also offers signature dishes like preserved meat clay pot rice and Chaozhou milk custard, not only delicious but also showcasing the unique charm of Hong Kong cuisine.

蟹參寶(Crab Restaurant)

Famous for its crab roe cuisine, especially the crab roe noodles, each bowl is made from several crabs, leaving a lasting impression. In addition to the golden crab roe chicken pot and garlic steamed crab, the golden crab roe noodles or rice are also very popular, with the crab roe being rich and not fishy. The restaurant offers a variety of noodle options and can include ingredients like abalone and shrimp, adding to the diversity of the dishes. The crab roe spring roll is another must-try delicacy, with the crispy spring rolls filled with crab roe being unforgettable. With affordable prices and a rich use of crab roe, this restaurant provides a great place to enjoy authentic crab roe cuisine.


Exploring Nanjing West Road in the Heart of Bustling Shanghai

The Macau pepper pork bone pot is one of the restaurant's signatures, with its broth offering a fresh and rich taste. The subtle black pepper flavor adds a warm touch. The pot is generously filled with ingredients like pork bones, pig's trotters, chicken feet, radish, winter melon, and corn, especially popular for its tender pig's trotters and chicken feet. The signature Eight-Flavor Tofu is known for its crispy exterior and tender interior, delicious even without dipping sauce. The spicy salted fish and ginger chicken are also not to be missed, with a crispy exterior, tender meat, and enhanced flavor with the special sauce.

San Qing Tan Restaurant (HKRI Taikoo Hui Store)

Exploring Nanjing West Road in the Heart of Bustling Shanghai

Awarded Michelin recommendations for four consecutive years (2020-2023) and listed in the must-eat list for two consecutive years (2022-2023), it is famous for its signature roast goose. The roast goose, made from high-quality Guangdong black-feathered geese, has a red and shiny skin, juicy and tender meat, and a unique fruitwood aroma. Served with plum sauce, the flavor is unparalleled, becoming a must-order dish for every table.

Besides the roast goose, Sanqingtan's signature pot is also outstanding, with a rich broth and fresh ingredients. The bouncy texture of the black-feathered goose feet and the deliciousness of the abalone make this dish a choice for the cool autumn. The hot and steaming signature pot, not only full of color, aroma, and taste, but also has a strong sense of ceremony.

Additionally, the tender and juicy rose soy sauce chicken and the luxurious aroma of the fresh meat black truffle soup dumplings are also not to be missed. The bridge bottom crab, with its full crab claws and Typhoon Shelter cooking style, perfectly integrates the aroma of fried garlic into the crab meat, leaving a lasting impression.


Exploring Nanjing West Road in the Heart of Bustling Shanghai
(Credit: xiaohongshu carter bar)

Hidden in the heart of Shanghai, in the British-style Carder Apartments, lies a cocktail bar named CARTER. This is not only the original site of Hu Sheng's home in the TV series "Blossoms Shanghai" but also a blend of British style and Shanghai characteristics. Carder Apartments, a seven-story old British apartment designed by the French firm Léonard in 1932, originally housed the public concession police and was named after the former Carder Road, now Shimen Second Road. CARTER bar offers a variety of classic and innovative cocktails, including <Paramount Hall>, which blends gin with fresh plums, and <Hu Sheng's Favorite>, inspired by "Blossoms Shanghai" and featuring a unique scallion oil-infused base.

A unique space blending Shanghai culture and British style, located in the Carder Apartments built in 1932. Designed by the French firm Léonard, this British-style seven-story old apartment attracts people not only with its architectural style but also because it is the prototype of the main character Hu Sheng's home in Jin Yucheng's novel "Blossoms". Once the site of the Kaiser Food Factory, the birth of CARTER in 2021 marked a new chapter. It not only retains the site selection features of British architecture but also incorporates British and Shanghai elements into the menu and food design, offering guests a perfect collision of Eastern and Western culinary arts and a unique taste journey.

Deep Lounge (Nanjing West Road Store)

Deep Lounge (Nanjing West Road Store)

This chain whisky bar is famous for its circular bar design and lively music atmosphere, especially on weekends, turning it into a paradise for relaxation and dancing. In addition to offering a wide range of whisky options, from classic to rare limited editions, catering to different customers' tastes, the bar also boasts a professional team of bartenders, meticulously crafting a variety of cocktails. Whether seeking innovative flavors or classic traditions, this place provides satisfying choices. As night falls, it becomes one of the most attractive spots in the city.


rich pig cocktail bar

Hidden within a commercial building, an elevator takes you to a different world on the fourth floor. Stepping in, it's like entering another dimension, with exquisite and thoughtful decor creating a unique consumer experience. The bar features the most popular island-style functional bar, offering a variety of flavor-infused cocktails and classic options, along with a selection of collectible whiskies. From the classic elegant space to the detailed design of the restroom, every aspect surprises, making it an excellent choice for exploring city nightlife.



Located on the fifth floor of CITIC Pacific in Shanghai, Suntory's first global flagship store stands out for its luxurious environment and unique charm. The store's lavish decor displays valuable Yamazaki and Hibiki whisky treasures, from Hakushu to Yamazaki, each whisky is a selected masterpiece. Paired with Japanese kaiseki cuisine, meticulously crafted Suntory whisky cocktails by the former chief bartender of The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo and the chief bartender of The Edition London, Rie Hidaka, add an extraordinary flavor. The restaurant, with its high ceilings and full-length windows, offers a stunning visual experience, allowing guests to enjoy top-notch spirits and cuisine while taking in the scenery of old Shanghai. Moreover, the unique whisky tunnel displays world-class collections, including the 1923 Yamazaki, 1977 Hakushu, and the globally limited 300 bottles of Yamazaki 55.

Moxy (Shanghai Xuhui)

Moxy (Shanghai Xuhui)

Part of the Marriott brand, Moxy offers guests a unique and modern accommodation experience. Its lobby serves both check-in and dining purposes, with a spacious design concept similar to WeWork, providing a homely office experience. Sunlight streaming through the windows, paired with comfortable afternoon tea, creates an ideal leisure and office space. The hotel's room design is simple and stylish, complemented by spacious bathrooms, ensuring travelers can relax and feel comfortable amidst their busy schedules. This design not only meets modern travelers' demands for quality and functionality but also reflects Marriott's attention to detail and pursuit of excellence.

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