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100%Chef 007 Flavor ALADÍN cocktail smoker-Black

100%Chef 007 Flavor ALADÍN cocktail smoker-Black

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007 Flavor Aladin is an improved version of the original 007 Aladin smoke gun, designed to instantly generate flavorful smoke to infuse containers or create bubbles in glasses and dishes, enhancing the dining experience.

The outer casing is made of aluminum and measures 4.5cm x 15 x 18cm. It comes in black and is manufactured in Spain.



Smoke on demand:

  • Unlike traditional methods that involve igniting wood chips and waiting for them to produce smoke before using a motor to expel it, this product developed by 100%Chef generates smoke through heat induction of flavor oils, significantly improving operational efficiency. Smoke is available at the touch of a button.

Easy maintenance and servicing:

  • Similar to the original Super Aladin and 007 Aladin, each component can be individually replaced, allowing for quick repairs and easy cleaning. This enhances product longevity and convenience.

Limitless creativity:

  • 100%Chef offers 11 standard flavor options, and users can also purchase empty flavor canisters to customize their desired flavors. It is possible to fill the device with non-nicotine-related products and create aromatic smoke bubbles when combined with bubble liquid. This empowers mixologists to showcase their creativity in today's competitive cocktail market (each flavor oil canister can produce approximately 100-120 smoke bubbles).

This set includes:

  • 007 Flavor Smoke Bubble Gun x1
  • 100%Chef Electronic Flavor Essences x4 (random flavors)
  • 100%Chef Bubble Solution (100ml)
  • 9V Rechargeable Batteries x2 + Charging Cable x1 (9V batteries are also easy to obtain)
  • User Manual
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