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MJFLAIR JAPAN BIRDY supply Glassware Towel-M and L

MJFLAIR JAPAN BIRDY supply Glassware Towel-M and L

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A bartender carefully polishing the glass at one corner of the counter, which often appears in a movie or drama scene. A glass that is clean, shiny and beautifully polished is one of the essential essences for drinking a delicious drink.


“BIRDY.” Is a “ Birdy glass towel” that specializes in wiping glass based on “pro” voices such as bartenders and sommeliers sucked up through cocktail wine tools that propose “micropower” as a key. Developed. etc. at any high level, we are promoting our own development focusing on the blending ratio and weave of fibers It was " It is so simple, quick and beautiful." It is a glass exclusive towel that changes the world with the power of the micro.


[Product Features]

・ We adopt new material " Birdy silky stretch fiber" developed based on the voice of professional who handles glass.

・ High water-retention capacity is exhibited by the "capillary phenomenon" in which water gets into the micro gap between yarn and yarn. Water absorption lasts long after getting wet.

・ Speed water absorption just by wiping quickly. We scrape micro water dirt and finish with luster.

・ We improve smoothness by blending polyester optimally. Stretch performance is also added, and it is soft and gentle texture.

・ "All processed in Japan" This is a product of "Jun Maid in Japan" where all production processes except raw materials are conducted in Japan.

・ Easy-to-use "non-stitch processing". Cut the glass wipe time significantly.


[washing display]

How to wash: Washing liquid the temperature is set to limit the 40 ℃, it is weak laundry in the washing machine

how to bleaching: only oxygen-based bleaching agent can be used

The way of drying: fishing in the shade-dried is good, ban tumble dry


-cool gray

-Around 53g/92g

-85% polyester + 15% nylon

-40x70cm / 40x90cm

-Made in Japan

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