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100%Chef SUPER ALADÍN cocktail FLAVOUR

100%Chef SUPER ALADÍN cocktail FLAVOUR

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The Super Aladin© stands out as the market's singular all-metal manual cold smoker, tailor-made for rigorous professional kitchen use. Its newly designed aluminum propeller ensures it can withstand high temperatures without any issues. Unlike many smoking guns, the Super Aladin© features a generous combustion chamber, allowing users to utilize various wood types beyond just sawdust, such as petite wood chips or hardwood slivers.

Its smart engineering design ensures that the engine remains free from oils and resins, which amplifies its longevity, especially under heavy-duty conditions. The smoker is designed with a removable base and has an ideal weight, ensuring stability and minimizing the risk of accidental spills of ash or sawdust. The switch, conveniently placed on the smoker's body, is distanced from heat sources, making the device user-friendly and efficient.

A unique feature of the Super Aladin© is its patented dual-chamber system, which has been enhanced to accommodate more essential oils and aromatic compounds. By dampening a pure cotton filter, users can introduce an additional layer of aroma to their dishes, adding depth to the smoking process. These aromatic elements don't burn directly. Instead, the propeller directs them towards the smoke outlet, ensuring that dishes benefit from a purer and more natural aromatic experience. Plus, thanks to its all-metal construction, maintaining the Super Aladin© is a breeze, allowing for straightforward and effective cleaning.

The pack comes with a Super Aladín® cold smoking pipe, a mini spray to moisten the sawdust before starting the smoking process, and a funnel-shaped silicone hose to connect with the patented valve system Aladín Cover® series .

The Super Aladín® smoking pipe can be used for continuous horizontal production in combination with the Aladín Station® accessory

It works with 4 AA LR6 / MN 1500 1.5 V batteries (not included).

Instruction manual in Spanish and English included.

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