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100%Chef ALADÍN 007 cocktail FLAVOUR- Black

100%Chef ALADÍN 007 cocktail FLAVOUR- Black

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The Aladin 007 is the premier tabletop smoker cherished by mixologists and cocktail aficionados globally.

The smoker's broad base is a testament to its stability, ensuring it remains steadfast during peak hours or in tight spaces like bar counters. Enhancing its user-friendliness, the sleek switch is seamlessly integrated into the smoker's body.

Equipped with a traditional quick-connect feature, the Aladin 007 is versatile and compatible with Aladin Cover smoking hoods and the Aladin CD disc. This feature transforms any cup into a vessel for cold smoking, opening the doors to a world of flavor infusion. Imagine experimenting with essential oils or crafting innovative drink-smoke combinations using the variety of smoke saws available. Whether it's spirits, beers, wines, or your own unique concoctions, the Aladin 007 lets you elevate your beverage presentations to new heights.

The kit contains an Aladín 007 smoking gun, a connection tube with a valve adapter, an Aladín CD, a mini spray, Aladín screens, and a recipe book.

Combine this product with bells specially designed for cocktails. We strongly recommend a series of wood chips and sawdusts.

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