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MJF 530ml PC cocktail shaker

MJF 530ml PC cocktail shaker

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-PC (Polycarbonate) plastic material



-H 200mm x W 80mm

-Graduated measurements

-Made in China

  1. Enhanced Ice Durability: Our PC (Polycarbonate) shaker cups are expertly designed to effectively absorb the impact during shaking. This unique feature ensures that ice cubes are less likely to break apart, thereby reducing the chances of diluting your drink with excess water. Enjoy perfectly chilled cocktails without compromising on strength and flavor.

  2. Optimized for Premixes: While PC material conducts temperature at a slower rate compared to stainless steel, it's an ideal choice for premixed drinks where the primary goal is blending, not chilling. For drinks that do require cooling, a slightly longer shake will achieve the desired temperature, ensuring your cocktail is always served just the way you like it.

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