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Exploring the Pinnacle of Sustainable Mixology — DENTREE

Located in Shanghai, DENTREE Bar is not just a sanctuary for enjoying high-quality cocktails but also a steadfast guardian of sustainable development principles. Influenced by the Rémy Cointreau Group, this distinctive bar embeds sustainability into its core operations. Every aspect of its green management leaves a profound imprint on DENTREE’s functioning.

From a rooftop garden shared with the community to eco-friendly menus recreated with 3D printing technology, DENTREE is committed to reducing environmental impact while crafting delicious cocktails. The selection of local ingredients, the low-waste approach to food preparation, and the bar counter repurposed from discarded plastics are tangible actions towards DENTREE’s goal of sustainability.

DENTREE not only demonstrates its commitment to environmental protection in its physical operations but also actively promotes a sustainable lifestyle through online and offline activities. Community events gather individuals from diverse walks of life to embark collectively on an adventure into the green movement. In its pursuit of delightful libations, DENTREE invites every customer to practice a sustainable lifestyle.

The design philosophy of DENTREE is also reflected in its branding. The sleek yet intricate visual identity intertwines natural elements—such as tree rings—which not only depict the natural rhythm of tree growth but also symbolize the bar’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

dentree bar

Furthermore, DENTREE’s new menu, “Breaking Ground,” is more than a list of cocktail names; it represents an inward and outward brand evolution. Inspired by the life cycle of plants, the menu allows customers to journey through the stages of seeding, rooting, sprouting, and cyclical growth, experiencing DENTREE’s dedication to sustainability in mixology.

The cocktail crafting team is anchored by Mirror, winner of the 2021 China Cointreau Queen Cocktail Competition, and Jerry, the 2023 China FLOR DE CAÑA Rum Champion. They expertly translate the essence and inspiration of their cocktails to patrons, ensuring a memorable drinking experience.

To ensure that this green promise is more than just words, DENTREE installed energy-monitoring sensors before opening. With quarterly energy consumption reports reviewed by the RESET performance-based green building system, DENTREE has become the first bar in China to achieve carbon-neutral certification in construction.

dentree bar

Visit DENTREE to savor meticulously crafted cocktails and experience how a bar can seamlessly blend environmental stewardship with commercial success, exploring the boundless possibilities of sustainable development and innovative mixology.

Cocktail Menu Introduction

Seeding: The Prelude of Life

Planting the seeds of hope, before breaking through the soil, each seed undergoes a period of silent growth—deeply rooted in the earth, quietly drawing nutrients, awaiting the miracle of spring’s warmth. In this silent wait, every droplet of water is a call to life.

Style: Fresh, awakening, and gracefully presented.

Rooting and Sprouting: The Emergence of Potential

With the vigor of life, seeds break through the soil. The tender shoots bravely stretch out their roots and buds, drawing vitality from the tranquil land and unveiling a new chapter of vigorous life.

Style: Aperitif, with the robust flavors of the earth and freshness.

Blooming and Fruiting: The Joy of Harvest

When flowers bloom, plants present their most enchanting state. This is not just a milestone in the growth process but also nature’s most generous gift. Each blooming flower and each ripe fruit is a beautiful ode to time and cultivation.

Style: Full-bodied, elegant, and powerful.

Cyclical Growth: The Journey of Infinite Cycles

After enduring the harsh tests of winter, the wheel of life turns ceaselessly. Plants demonstrate their resilience through nature’s cycles, over and over again. As spring returns to the earth and all things are renewed, nature’s canvas is adorned with vibrant colors and endless vitality.

Style: A modern interpretation of classic cocktails.

Heritage: The Flame of Tradition

Respect for traditional craft is evident in the best-selling selections of the first menu, bearing witness to DENTREE’s endless passion for mixology and relentless pursuit of innovation.

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