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MJFLAIR Japan TMG supply 500ml heavy pure copper cocktail bar shaker

MJFLAIR Japan TMG supply 500ml heavy pure copper cocktail bar shaker

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-Approx. 479g

-pure copper

-Dia.90 x 205mm

-Made in Japan

-A pure copper shaker made by Hayakawa, a specialized tableware maker specializing in nonferrous metals in Niigata Prefecture.

-Non-ferrous metals are metals other than iron and alloys based on iron; silver, copper, and platinum are famous.

-Copper has excellent antibacterial action and thermal conductivity and has been used for many years in cooking equipment and dishes.

-Copper is a relatively soft material in metal. In order to give strength to the shaker, it has a film thickness and is about 150g heavier than a common shaker of the same size. -In addition, the smell of copper adheres to the hand after use.

-The inside of the shaker is silver plated because copper is a metal that is prone to discoloration; the Food Sanitation Law requires that parts that come in contact with food be silver plated.

-In addition, by applying silver plating, it has become difficult to transfer metal odor to the cocktail. This product has no coating on the surface to take advantage of the texture of pure copper.

-Therefore, the surface becomes oxidized with use. After use, wash immediately with water or hot water, and then wash thoroughly after drying.

-Even if it has been oxidized once, it can be restored to some extent by using vinegar care, which is widely used for copperware; you can check the comparison in the photo.
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