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MJFLAIR Japan YUKIWA YOIZUKI宵月 A size 510ml cocktail bar shaker-vintage matte silver

MJFLAIR Japan YUKIWA YOIZUKI宵月 A size 510ml cocktail bar shaker-vintage matte silver

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-vintage matte silver( Please see the physical product of photo, credit yahoo japan)

-304 stainless steel, 510ml, A size Baron series

-Approx. 330g

-H 210x Dia. 80mm

-Made in Japan, the price is only for one shaker

Yoitsuki Shirizu was born from the brand's own antique processing business. We have achieved an elegant texture that has been used for many years. Even in the calm atmosphere, it has a unique presence that shines. It gently snuggles up to you like the moon and gives you a stunning impression of excitement throughout the year. An authorized distributor of Yuki products, this is a masterpiece from Taishi, who is confident in his work.

Like the moon that illuminates the table, gently snuggle up

A unique antique specification achieved through repeated trial and error, intricately combining stainless steel surface processing.

The stainless steel itself is black due to its coloring process, and the damage processing technology creates the original texture.

-The foundation of the Yoitsuki series reproduces black by coloring technology that colors stainless steel without painting or dyeing.
With this technology, the oxide film of stainless steel is made thicker and looks beautiful due to the light interference phenomenon.

With this method, the texture of the metal changes subtly depending on the viewing angle, creating an exciting expression that cannot be obtained with other coloring methods.

This coloring technology, which is also used in medical equipment, further increases the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, is hygienic, and can be recycled as it is because it does not damage the stainless steel material.

The Yoigetsu series is made by applying a unique antique process to this coloring base.

*The original antique processing is characterized by patterns and irregularities in the 24-karat gold plating, so there are differences between each product. Therefore, the appearance may differ slightly from the one in the photo. Please note.
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