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MJFLAIR Japan AOYOSHI VINTAGE BLACK bar kit with Cobbler shaker

MJFLAIR Japan AOYOSHI VINTAGE BLACK bar kit with Cobbler shaker

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AOYOSHI Manufacturing Co., Ltd. from Japan and a large metal processing factory, its CASUAL PRODUCT launched the VINTAGE series, which uses exclusive polishing technology to treat stainless steel into a distressed style, which is durable and elastic.

**Please note that the product itself is treated with retro distressed, retro distressed means (looks) that it has been used, and feels like an old antique. It is not easy to scratch or fade, but if you are very concerned about this retro distressed look, then it is recommended that you buy general shiny silver products**

This bar kit includes 4 pieces as below:

(SKU:BSC220902) Japan AOYOSHI 31.8cm bar spoon with fork-Vintage black x 1......(Only spiral on middle)

(SKU: JGC220901) Japan AOYOSHI 30/45ml cocktail jigger-Vintage black x 1.....(Single capacity)

(SKU: STC220502) Japan AOYOSHI 4 prongs cocktail strainer-VIntage black x 1

(SKU: SKC220509) Japan AOYOSHI 530ml cocktail cobbler shaker- Vintage black x 1

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